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All who study, understand and observe the Great Barrier reefs do have to ponder that why they are committed and for what reasons they must bring understanding and should study, conserve and understand the security to such rare large natural creations being so specific to the cause of natural heritage in the pacific ocean for it's virtual challenge and it's existence processes.
It has been generally an open statement that the reefs do represent countless cultures, the natural aspect and equally balanced reasons for which it should be protected but those who study reefs much closer have clear view that they wish to commit due to protecting it for the future of their generations as a multitude natural structure.
What is a basic idea amongst the elites forming such regions that they are certainly able to take sharp decisions that can protect bigger reef groups and they would be able to commit so they take it as their advantage to bring cultural realms and make it an advantage to protect reefs for business and ecological perspectives.
By this sense it is a clear way that the reefs should not only be protected for individual advantages but for the reason that nature is recognising it's potential and for the cause of the natural heritage it may be best to conserve it an help it's identity that may remain uniquely touched with the Pacific ocean in it's ultimate entirety.

Currently the scientists are making it their duty to take care of reefs through scientific and chemical techniques so they can not only make it their duty to protect them from the manmade interference but also bring it closer to their children as the ultimate beauty of these gigantic structures and help them understand that why they need security as they are in threat from all sides, and how quickly they are vanishing is very clear amongst the thinkers, so it may become difficult to study the development of the marine history of the human and other species development if they have to witness such humongous loss.
Technically the scientists have made it their job to study reefs not for their own benefits in the industrial or in the natural set up, but to commit themselves to protect as most of the communities do question the cause to protect them, and why we basically going to do it as nature is in threat from all sides, so why it is vital to protect reefs is always considered, with their direct connect to the biggest ocean of the world that is equally searched upon, and hence Scientist continue to dwell deep in the blue waters to make sure that they do commit to response back to the bigger communities in concerns to the reefs.
it is being studied and clearly explained by scientists that Reef is not only home to species of natural creatures and humans in the ocean, but it also represents the blue water's representation through the identity hidden in form of smaller creatures and if they are not protected then they are certainly going to be vanished, Specially the Polyp community and the Coral groups, and their loss will result as direct food chain collapse in the contemporary and present world.
In this way a clear picture that come in front of the scientists is that they are in need to protect the reefs, because they feel them to be the part of a system that will damage if they are lost, and certainly to be on true sight it will certainly cause a gigantic mayhem, if Reefs go out of concern or existence in the Pacific ocean, as they also provide unique sentiments to human response and their cultural heritage across oceans.

One thing that is debated all the way though is that if reefs do exist then how not they be protected by creating their similar pattern in form of the Artificial reefs that has been identically well performed by countries like India and China for smaller reefs areas in Island ranges across Indian ocean and the results have been probably well fed and equally developing in the ultimate course, so people keep wondering why such element not be brought into the element of the Great barrier reefs to the ultimate impact.
To understand such challenges it is vital to make it clear that the Great Barrier Reef is the biggest reef system of the world and it will not only take bigger advantage to prepare it's identical pattern but it will also bring gigantic loss to the cultural, natural and equally balanced potential food chain of the Pacific ocean, all be it, creatures or humans as it is the biggest and must require a high classified potential to be created and would require unique balance system.
Apart from such idea the ultimate fact that comes into the way is the threat of the reef becoming more dangerous by it's prototype being created, and the expansion of the pollution, it will make into core that can come in dismay and can directly affect the reef system which would not only cause pressure but also affect the position and identical mapping of the reef inside the ocean.
By all means why we need to secure reef is much easy to solve than creating other options for it to be in value in it's replacement, which is not possible, and hence it should be protected by those who care for it’s virtual existence and their own life being threatened in absence or loss of such huge system that will come to the vital prospect.

The great barrier reef that is located in pacific ocean is an outline positioned reef system in the biggest ocean of the world and if it goes out on the Earth's map, it would certainly create a panicky for all those nations who are in the brink of the islands, and they will not only be in threat by the rising waters but also be in pressure by the direct forces which could snap all the countries into pieces, which is not an imaginary threat but has already been witnessed in other parts of the world when Reef or their particle system got damaged who's best example is the 'Gammon cross bang' in the Rock of Gibraltar and it's affect tormented countless people's lives back in 2012.
In this way what is the basic fact to understand is that reefs should be protected not only for the sake of living or for the migration as it may be, or for the trade balance, but for the balance of the environment in the biggest ocean of the world, no matter whatever challenges come by Reefs have to be saved in it's own identified regions.
They may be protected by basic elementary changes to help out the conditions, and bigger changes would directly possess a possible danger in their ecological and economic balance so an action plan be retained, and it must be taken into consideration that pollution and other factors should also be considered that will play vital role in balancing things out, and hence it is vital to press forward that Why reefs be protected as explained here that will clear all doubts by all means.
It is essential that those who play roles must understand why they are on such roles to protect such a particular reef system- Whether they take it as a series issue to protect it for future or they wish to be in part of it's valuable possessions to make it safe for bigger value- There must be a cause for those who wish to protect reefs; It is vital that they take upon themselves to understand cause, value and perspiration through which reef system connect them to their soul and to their virtual existence; And if that can be understood and managed it will become much easier to respond to 'Why' and also to protect reefs through much easier processes indeed...

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