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In the development of historic significance, knowing the cause in which the things have been processed and the ways through which Pacific ocean has gone through in it's virtual human phase it has hardly reconciled the fact that it is also home to countless cultures who grow, develop and maintain what it possess in it's ultimate blue waters.
Technically speaking there has been valuable representations through Coconut crab cultures, Crocodile temples and other variants which are most common but apart from them catching sharks through navel pentene boats, making sure that how to care for dolphins and also taking through the cultural realms is somewhat unique that aspires the position of such cultures when it comes to the reefs and their security.
Today thee cultures have united in various names and they are also trying to contribute to make sure that their reefs remain in tact but what is the fundamental coincidence is that they are also aware of the human nature of the law himself and hence they are no exceptions.

In such regard. What will be understood here that how things can be changed and why they need to be changed when it comes to the local cultures and if such changes can come through how valuable they will be to secure reefs as Humans are the most dangerous predators and no matter whatever communities he or she form they also bring threats for such gigantic set of reefs.
A basic fact remains that from Fizzy to Vanuatu and from Samoa to Negaunee of Australian land, people have been committed whether it comes to exploit the reefs or the trials to protect and convert them to value of the future generations by the source of request so it clearly suggests that the local cultures have been into the act and they are responsible for certain traditional traits.
Scientists and Sociologists regard things very strongly that in the local Pacific cultures whatever the places be The Reefs are regarded as directly connected to the spirit of the oceans and they aspire people to connect, to commit and to decide the local terms in which things can be harmonised and how to protect reef is a prior concern for locals, not they try it, but it is due to their own rituals and customs in which it's protection come through, And in such ways things must be deeply regarded no matter whatever be the concerns are, and the commitment to these people have been a prior move altogether at first.
Normally what comes as a common understanding that human nature and it's profile is commonly represented by the locals- They not only carry through the responsibility to exploit the reefs but also try to make sure that they do remain in touch with the prior responsibility to protect as if they not they may loose their possessions- In such measures the customs of the Pacific cultures justify their prior roles; what they want to commit; and how valuable such moves are for their own sake when it comes to reef at alternative source which mean without their position they will loose their existence and in such value protecting reefs is a vital move indeed.

In such way they not only try to maintain their stature but also contribute in form of 'Ana kudu' and 'Deyalukurua' which both are cultural rituals to perform in which praying, protecting and cultivating the reef form all are easily visible and also make sure that how techniques are used being clarified by such practices.
These traits signify that these people do have a kind of pleasure towards reef whether to exploit or to protect and hence their role comes to the ultimate value for such reefs not only to save them from intruders but also to protect them from their own impact which means that they directly come in pressure to maintain reefs all along.
Such technical local practices also suggest that the local carnivals and rituals are performed including sacrifice, collection, awareness customs and joint distribution practices in the Pacific directly related t the reefs and it signifies that the local people have great joy if the reefs exist for the longer period of time and they not only wish to commit to protect but their quest to make sure that how they are protected should also be considered of high value though they do make a carbon impact on reefs.
Such manner and the pattern in which they are able to justify the role of reefs and are able to convince their own kinds that how to protect reefs still is a master effort and yet it look difficult to justify that they are totally committed, and hence their rituals and customs may support which mean that they be They are not able to explain better, but are in sure convincing mode that they are the key protector of the reefs that values the most.

There is a stillness or gap in the reefs to protect them or commit to protect the customs which are associated with them and that comes as a challenge in its core when it comes to the commitment of the local cultures with their value and grading system being the core connects to the Reefs.
What is the need of the hour that they should take it as their prior responsibility to equally understand the role of reefs and true the quest of cleaning and protecting, so the affect of reefs also goes to those who damage them; but it begins from the 'neighbour' with 'local' first and that value can count the most vital step in the procession to protect reefs.
Technically what can be stated as an outline that the Reefs are not only in danger from high human populations but they are also in threat due to the interference happening only to exploit that makes things count; and if the locals can understand the value of controlling exploits and maintain their grip then it would surely come as a great asset by all means.
The gaps and balances are of most value and if the Locals are able to fit them accordingly and plans things accordingly then it can work- AS they are the core investors of the reefs and it is they to who this area belong so their commitment would come first- What they need to aspire is that they take responsibilities and make it their job to associate the security of both the Reefs and it's culture that comes first; One that is assured things can go uniquely and can ultimately result in a remarkable impetus that can form the proper result indeed...

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