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A writer who never knew what he would become,
Until he found that he do exist,
in hearts of his readers,
Through the words showered by them.
A writer who never knew his fate,
Till stars helped him to get better,
Their support blissful  like professional bike riders.
All asking to be nice and aboard with passion ridden on them.

No world may be surprised if he continue to express gratitude,
Hunger to prove never going to be on stem,
The world which He learnt years ago,
A wind of hope circle this flame bird as he flew taking all along the goodwill with them.

Yet there are moments being only beginners,
A silent wind is the power to blem,
Many more books to come to boost his career and have go.
All of his love and affection bright with glorious blessings to that gem.

This is what I feel about my life and my writing skills as I complete 2 years in the International scene as a digital, Braille, Audio and print author.
On 12th of August, It was this day in 2016 when my 1st international work with Jimmy sir titled 'Triple Jimmy and a Glowing world' got published and I entered the international writing scene.

As far my commitments are concerned:
Author of 6 Ebooks on Lulu and 2 Paperbacks in which 3 are co authored and other are self projects.
Creater of 14 Ebooks on Scribd with 1 Story collection, 1 Memoir, 5 Essay collections and 7 research works all in doc forms.
In other form, 20 of these books being published on Braille during the Poetry meet in April in Shanghai through support of Shanghai braill press and GyonGzzou library.
In paperback, 4 Education books published in New Zealand with 2 being essay collections and 2 poem collection, as well as 2 Education books got published as Poem collection from the poetry forum IN Ireland.

These all are still in counting as many mor to come by your blessings.
This is my international author career speaks on and It is empty without all who support to make me unique.
Therefore I would like to express my gratitude to some unique people including my Parents, author team, Nick sir and Priya madam, And all who share their bliss and support.
Let's hope that this is just a beginning, Many more to come and many more delight to shower from you.
Keep reading, Keep supporting and keep making me better author around...
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