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You are growing up slowly,

You are making your steps one by one, gradually;

It may take time, don't be in hurry,

Life is not about a burden to carry.

Put your steps carefully,

So that they can grow up gracefully,

Don't be afraid, you are doing your work beautifully,

Your quite efforts are gonna repay you eventually.

The path is full of stones, hurting you badly,

You may wait to have a smile breathlessly,

But every hurdle has its award certainly, 

Everynight has its end in the light, thankfully...

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Thank you... Muneeb Tahir
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A lot things are there positivity, motivation, care, love.
You nicely balanced expressions with words and their composition. Very well done
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Thanks for reading and motivating...❣️ Ravi Vashisth
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Loved it ❤️:)
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Thank you so much❣️ Akshi

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