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( This poem is my dedication to my friend's  16 yr old daughter who was shot  (her head was injured and she was brain dead ) in Ohio a week before, Her organs were donated. I wish to let her soul know about her mother's feelings after her daughter left this earth.)

It was multi-day your Mom will always remember,
When you left out this world 
A major piece of your mother accompanied you. 
can't believe that you're gone,
yet you're always remembered. 
Time can't mend all injuries nor break all bonds, 
Would it be able to be true what they say,
That life will go on. 

Current conditions have

 Left your mother feeling alone 
every one of the specialists,

Including the medical staff says you're dead
and you're gone.

In any case, despite everything
It feels like your mom could converse with you
In the event that she grabbed the telephone 
There is no torment sufficiently incredible
to supplant your face 
With her eyes tangled close
From the tears that she considered 
She says thanks to God,
for the photos with your voice on her mobile phone 
And, your heartbeat, 
The most valuable gift that the Doctors gave her 

Noticeable all around and wind,
She feels your solid embrace, 
And, your kisses from butterflies that come all over, 
Is it potentially obvious, that life goes on? 
Bear in mind all your family and the time you spent on this world. 

It's difficult to believe,
That your heart still thumps, 
Inside someone who is a stranger,
Whom your mother may never meet, 
Do strangers know?

 That they carry a kind heart or organs 
from your mom’s charming young lady,

 Who will never grow old? 
Such a significant number of lives spared by your own 

Your Mom’s heart is fully empty now,

 She is not ready to let anyone in
Regardless of what number of seas or streams,

 She cries 
Her heart will never let you go,
And she will never say farewell my girl

© Sheela Joby

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That's something really hard to express. A child for mother is everything she wish for and want to live with whole life.
God bless that mother and her daughter's soul.
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Thank you Ravi Vashishth for your kind words.
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Beautiful poem and I can see your emotions in the lines. I just pray that she is at peace in heaven.
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Thank you dear thegurjyot.

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