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Evening approach in it's calm wealth as we start the formalities,
Trudging through gates seems easier while we awaits the mission,
Leading the troops to cement their place in their new place is the prime motive,
Whether their destinies or their call, all matter is how they develop this ambition.

Moon glowed bright as we are about to begin things in simplicity,
Walking in peace help us to recognise what may be the core,
Leading the troops to assure their places in this new world is key advantage,
Whether it's intellect or creativity- We are here to assure they cross their shore.

It's our responsibility to guide them how they may become better,
Neither duels nor anguish chides require anymore,
Academic excillence is what I have come for to witness while leading the troops,
Once the right approach is settled we may be able to circumspect and gain more.

It's our potential to speak and assure them how they will strut along,
Neither strikes nor political agendas require for the momentum to take,
Creative percentage is all I need as I approach the coridor leading the troops,
it is all we expect them to be for the 'community' sake...

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