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Living the pride that certainly belongs to me,
Hoping to gain new stature as my old friends reach to welcome me,
I aproach the city of New York as dawn approaches across the city,
Hospitality is on so my world of experties to come with benign flexibility.

Thinking of the notions that certainly approach the mind with thoughts in same direction,
Planning on to experience the smiles of new faces as they also wish to  circle their own perfection,
I approach New York as people awake to their work to move on in their ways,
This city calls me to present my community favours as they also make sure that hospitality is on which duely pays.

Not that they don't know any new world to commence to,
Neither it is their first worth it try to emancipate in the destinies to be known,
New York provides me the respect being home to the minds I capitulate,
I might wish to be certain providing such knowledge to new students seing as hospitality is on.

It is much more worth to expand the beginnings to newer ones,
It is certain tradition to bring back the memories you respond back when you had gone,
Times never change but people do require vitalities to figure upon,
I also step out in New York's morning sun with newer people to guide being sure that hospitality is on...

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