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My Dear Love,

          It's enough for me to live. The way you said your last good bye, smiling in pain; enough for me to love you again and again.

          I could see that you wanted to say a million of words but engulfed within like i did all these years; and smiled like the kid who have lost his diary that belongs to him only but he can't tell others about it cause noone ever knew he had one, noone ever knew what he had written through the years and finally lost it; may be for good only...

         Good byes are always painful to me but when it came to us, i was happy. I always felt weak around you, i felt pain hiding my feelings towards you, i felt like crying and telling you all the things i kept inside. 

          Now, i just don't pretend to be happy around people and crying deep inside. I can't say i stop loving you but i feel free not facing it everyday; and the good bye face of yours is enough for me to smile and move on in life (may be not in love)... I'm happy.



One of the best memories.

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Good bye ...move on...
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Moving on...❤ Muneeb Tahir

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