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"it has always been the case that we as humans do have awareness that there is a sense of urgency rising when it comes to the blue planet and our own earth and hence We do know that what kind of causes have been inflicting the challenges it possess and yet we are silent, not work out any unique measurement to play with and also go on with our own work to follow and the planet continue to face threat from our own commitments.
To make sure that this mistake not apply in wider scope and we also should contain a vital sense of urgency both for our needs and our application, it is vital that we go above from 'knowing the cause' which is not enough and commit to protect, harness and have the life cycle of earth, not only in it's sphere, but also in it's strength of resources, and If we would be able to contribute the smallest part as every individual then we can still protect our planet for which knowing the cause is not fine and we should do something unique by all means..."-

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