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It is very vital to study the reefs themselves if we have to commit ourselves to protect, save and also to use them productively otherwise we might not be able to recognise what lay in front of us and how to protect the same as half of it's knowledge will leave us apart to study and wile we were up to that it maybe possible that till such period of time Reefs would have already suffered the damage beyond repair.
In such sense the general way to understand the reefs can be considered under the ploys of the Oceanography and under the reef system ecology or environment to make it clearly understood in its terms, outside nature and tactical human interference.
What such system would help to understand is that how the reefs are located, in what way they did they face a process of development and how that such certain stage of transition built them strong and why they are facing threat in the present scenario?
This pattern of oceanography and reef economy is best applied by the global institutes and they generally take to the hilt to study the reefs and bring their outline in front of the world by understanding the same in such patterns in form of study outstate in brinks of the Oceanic patterns and its development in human concerns.

Though in consent to the study and understanding, apart from that there are some other ways of understanding such gigantic reef system in the Pacific ocean and these systems would be understood here to give a brief light that how the reefs are studied and what are such general others ways to protect them by understanding reefs in such particular standards.
It is vital to first know the basic ploy that there are three general ways to study the reefs and they are basically adaptive for the internationals stand point by virtue, understanding the impact they have to give reefs and a protected base and  proper Varian of studying out in it's actual capacity.
The first two come under the Oceanographic perspective and the other one comes into the Under-water Geological study of the island development through reefs that is equally important as far the study and understanding is concerned in its scope and multitude.
Technically in concerns, The first two including the Reef development and the Reef structure with it's understanding basically give a brief sense of understanding that how the reef system work and in what way it is threatened, but the third one bring lights to the process, standards and stature that how rocks changed to form and in what gigantic reef collectively made sure that such certain islands become the part of the geographic process and it's virtual scope.

These all three give a basic picture of the reef and help understand the process and management of the reef system by the natural forces and in such form by helping through in such way all 3 of them becomes valuable ways to study the reefs at first.
But apart from them here is one more way to study reefs and it is through the perspective of environmental concerns which is most popular in current scenario in which the effect of climate change is being visible and it help understand the right ways of the impact the gigantic Pacific reef system is facing in the present way.
This study pattern is generally developed by the international institution and they under the suspicion of the law of the environment and climate change study the reefs from the Global warming perspective which mean that they look on how much damage has been done to the Islands based on reefs in the Pacific ocean and what would be it's counter current that can aspire particular solution to protect the reefs.

In such way what matters the most is that how the scientists study the reefs whether they take the Oceanic point of view or they go through Geological terms around or they wish to prefer the global warming perspectives to study the reefs and the humanist perspective as counter current directly affecting the reefs in form of the handmade interference.
What is the prior view is that today reefs are in danger and if they are not understood properly they might not be safe for longer time enough and might face the wrath of both nature and humans who can pressurise the position of the reef system in pacific ocean and can directly damage specially the human inclusion to the activities.
Technically to make sure that reefs could be saved from such interventions it is vital that we clear how to study them the best and make sure that the elementary facts are covered for the sake of their security that will not save their proper cure but shall also assure that the cure must be favoured in environmental conditions for wider prosperity of the reefs.
If we know how to protect them and know how to make sure that their identity be prevailed We definitely have to plan or it may be late for the time being to protect them for the humbleness of their existence in the biggest ocean of the world therefore in sake of the gigantic reef system and it's security in pacific, they need to be studied well...

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