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It has been mostly observed by Marine biologists that when it comes to the Reef system it is also vital that how its creature obtain the conditions and make sure that things come to the proper aid by reaching to the whole polyp community.
True to the fact, pacific ocean is the home to the countless fish, mollusc, reptile and other species but there are also few creature which are productive in preserving polyp colonies and spread them through plankton balance ecology in which not only small creature play their role but also bigger creatures like Whale also come to the aid and impact.
What has been basically thought into process that such creatures must take as marine responsibility to boost the coral economy an true to the fact that they are also in threat due to the pollution but if these creatures can affect the position of the Reef system then it can come most vitally into the positive light.

Before it is considered that how these creatures play their productive role in the Ecology or protecting of the reef system, it is vital to understand that why this creature should come to the aid and in what way their contribution can continue to aid in the existence of the Great Barrier Reef.
Technically speaking as a scientific understanding that when these creature hunt, spread their molecules and also use the marine position in reef to travel, move and migrate then they create their own carbon bodytprins and they can afterwards consider polyps for the wide spared of existence or not for the with such community and in it's wider sense.
What happens basically when creatures like Starfish, Brittle star or other creatures come to join their hunt they can reemerge as the opponent's pray and in such way they are mostly thought to be responsible for the damaging of the Reef system due to the insufficient environmental clay element they consume while this regeneration effect continue to class them as threat for the local classified territories.
Similarly when bigger creatures like Dolphins, whales and even Salt water crocodiles move through then their gigantic body push through them bigger scales of the reef and to protect them and also to gain shade they create their own mud poles, their own sea bases and also loophole inside the reef, So they can continue to balance out the reef positioning, and in such way the ecology in which they are branded comes to the most vital position whether it may help in the existence of Polyp community or not.

Though when it comes to the question whether such creatures who directly affect reefs should be tormented, then surely it should not be done so as it doesn't mean that Starfish like creatures be doomed to crisis or threat but it is vital to understand that how they affect the polyp life cultures and help in healthier environment so they are not collectively hunted by humans just for the sources of politics of harmony and security in the reefs.
It is most vital to understand the relations of Reef sharks, pacific molluscs, and Great bellied tortoises, Dolphins, Sperm Whales and other relative preserving capacity for the position of reef.
What is most vital to make into count is that these creatures are able to make sure whether the existence of the reef shall sustain or not.
AS they are direct in connect to the social bonding in the marine life they do play their role and this is how the collective sufficient elaboration of the location, preserving value and equal distribution comes to the practical means through creatures and their relations to the reef systems.

Now coming back to the role of creatures in the reef systems, what is the most understood common fact is that the creatures can bring their role into affect by practicing or not the tendencies around the reefs and the island of the whole reef coral identity that can bring valuable feedback to count and can help in preserving the polyp collectively.
It is vital to understand that these creatures do have a role to preserve such identity not only in the sense the way they hunt, collect or exist in such waters but also in the sense that they are habitual to such customs of the reef, know how to tackle situations and somehow contribute in the creating of more polyp community by bringing them directly to the plankton reef ecology that comes to the vital forefront and give an advantage to the polyp community.
Only one thing matters the most for such creatures is that they do not come to the negative affect and if there is a question of environmental damage then they must keep it count that they will have to contribute in the proper harmony.
They need to recognise the position they are in the present day scenario and although humans have their equal share to damage the reefs but creatures must have to take responsibility in their areas to protect that will count.
Hence their role is most vital that how they will preserve, how they will come to play in act with the Coral reefs and ultimately how they will associate the realms in which they do exist by having an equal ecological balance without Human disturbances that count by all means...

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