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Scientists have long since observed with their technology, methods of observation and the varies in their techniques that the Great barrier reefs across Australia, New Zealand and other countries in Pacific ocean is the key venture of the Polyps which form large group of Coral to form such reefs.
It is a common belief that the cultures across such tendencies can only exist in practice and their nature if right methods should be applied in their virtual traditions.
What has been a basic fact to observe is that the Great Barrier reefs has been shrinking in last few decades and it has not been commonly noticed by the officials but also ignored by experts that to what tendencies things can be complicated and that in what way they can be protected and how.
To make it sure and practically bring such value into practical notion it is valuable that first common polyp structure must be understood to draw a common outline and hence further on the Great Barrier Reef must be understood with its whole complex nature so it can be virtually protected through its nature.

Though who understand these reefs in the focus mirror of Science and technical prospect has a common view that the polyps are smallest living creatures with organism in basic phylum and they consider the smallest marine creature in life and if we have to understand them it is vital that they should be discovered in groups and in bigger communities rather than in single density to cope with them as they would require micro essence and must be focused in smallest divisional focus group which is not an easy task to do so.
Fortunately the Micro biologists in the Australian lands and also in New Zealand has made it their prior goal to understand, capitulate and bring into local people to understand that Polyps are certain bio organism made of marine living organism and they are smallest micro carbon organism which not only exist in their own way but form bigger communities to maintain their cultural Nome and help in extending their availability.
What is the basic understanding is that Polyps do form groups and they wish to be protected with the huge ecological system of the Marine biology for which they require collective element to protect themselves and to make sure that such things be covered out and are being made strength to develop their virtual position.
They decide it their own wealth to make communities, execute them in bigger strong scale and form Coral groups in the surface or in the centre position in the Seas and Oceans but still to understand the Great Barrier reef we have to know a better tendency that can clear that why it's positions more essential for polyps than any place in the world.

To make sure the position of Barrier reef of Pacific ocean, it is vital to further known the process amongst the polyps whereby, Such communities form a common structure that is able to create the strong rock tendency and in such ranges of migration by reacting to the under water rocks They create density which help things form in easy and bring it to it's wider nature of cultural and technical growth indeed.
This way of forming, managing and collecting social bonds in the organism and to make it practically happen, they do go through a large scientific process called 'Coral boom' and this process leads them to a strong revaluation of development that not only help them create a denser colony but also make sure the technicality of it being preserved.
In this way what has been the key process of formation is that they require a sense of bigger community tendency that can aid them and can make sure that the pride of their community be turned into reef with support of the marine plant types, island segregation reaction of rocks that ultimately leas to the common polyp structure and help in building a marine reef.

What can be basically conspired into account is that the common polyp structure is born not out of sheer luck or combination of supernatural powers but it is a process that takes place in a huge amount of the time and this is why the Marine historians use them to understand the link of Salt water with evolution of the life cycle and it is most vital.
By all means it is vital to understand that damaging the whole reef not only affect in form of end of a vast gigantic community but also directly disturb the natural phenomenon in ocean, hence it is vital to use microscopic lenses and make sure that the first special treatments of the Polyps be understood that can create a strong affinity with their traits.
In this way once things are understood and it is also clear that in what way the Common polyp structure works it will become more easy to vitally harmonise them and preserve their communities and their super colony in form of reefs which is in direct threat today...

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