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Ready For War
A prototype aircraft coded letter P and painted yellow
Experimental ready to fly by an eager but watchful crew
It's this way with each and every new plane made
The first flight then testing phase followed by trials
Will the craft leave the ground and fly ok?
Safety is paramount as are test pilot recorded observations
The crate must be suitable for regular pilots 
Straight out of flight school with no experience
Ready for war flown against the Hun over Germany
Taking the war to Herr Hitler and his cronies
They started this war and by God we would end it
Those dastardly Germans had killed many Brits
That had to stop and for that we needed planes
Thousands and thousands of dozens of types
All needed testing and preparing for combat
Bombing and gunning and photographing the enemy
So we would win this war and be victorious
For the King and England we would endure
This started with safely testing our new aeroplanes
Ready for war...
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