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Defuse The Bombs
When the war was over there are many things left over
That never went bang and were there secretly hiding
The Germans defused them in many places 
And were paid in food and reduced sentences
Some new types of British bomb had a tricky fuse
Hans lost two of his friends to these tricky things
The fuse diagrams were held up at the docks
Was this on purpose or simply bureaucratic bumbling?
From beach to hill to city nowhere was safe
Mortars and shells and bombs were everywhere
Just waiting to wake up and kill one or two or ten
Deadly seeds of mayhem born from carnage
Made in factories by old men and girls
To fight the biggest event in human history
Now it was over those evil creations needed to be cleared
Prisoners of War got the job and in return a lighter sentence
Only if they weren't proven party members Nazis members
Most were teenage soldiers who were green and scared
They cleared mines off Danish beaches and bombs in German cities
You'd think more didn't explode than did
A legacy that last to this day
The sad memory of war...

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