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The Ebook titled Burning Asia: The Present Image' got published through great cartoon support of Priya Verma madam and great editorial support of Nik sir on 1st of November 2016 and in it's process of more than 1 and half year It has reached unique position and has been the heart thriller for those who are interested in victorian poetry and like the way it has flourished in the digital medium.
This Ebook is an eye opener for those who are willing to read poems on the basis of the issues  of Asia with their current affairs interest being satisfied in form of poetry and help them join the skil to understand the new 'form' of this poetry style.

The Ebook has 18 Asian countries focusing their key issues and hence It has been great to see the way it has inspired readers and writers to write on the contemporary issues and has also helped it's presence in the wider consent.
I have already in past shown how Burning Asia and other Ebooks were equally given pride by UNO and how they reached the unique spot but this time the ocasion is different and the place is bigger as Lulu is the unique publisher and help distribute things to wider consent through Kobo power which is the unique place to have your Ebook and is the best guarantee of the digital success in the bigger scope around.

As far the consent to write this update is concerned, There is a good news regarding the Ebook 'Burning Asia' for which I am sharing these all facts around and that big news comes from the Yale University where Its bloggers and experts have managed to put the Ebook 'Burning Asia' on its own Ebook library and I am extremely thrilled to share this fact with all of you, not only on the platform 'YO Alfaaz' as an essay, but with all those readers who want to contribute in the Digital writing, and feel it new to come around and make the mark, so it is a big day altogether.
As a visually impaired and constantly typing my creativity on the Computer,  I am really heart thrilled to know the fact as I searched on and I managed to find it's availibility on the Yale library E portal who's link I have shared below.

One thing for sure which I would like to mention here is that this is by no means any promotional writing or any proomotional update But this essay shares the goodwill YO alfaaz aspire by which A writer who started his journey here has done better through it's support and in the effort to understand the newly rising writers at YO alfaaz this message is clear which shows that how digital writing  is gaining momentum.
I am sure that my hard work will pay off with support of all you here at this place and My ebooks shall stay as example by blessings of you all,, My parents, my reader support and all those who like and share their affection on YO alfaaz and others worldly places where I contribute.
I am sure that things would continue to bliss and the wind of digital world should continue to spread the blossumming of new creative flowers around...

There you go with the link of Burning Asia on Yale university platform-

Yale library link of Burning Asia


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