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Booktopia is the most powerful publishing hub in the Australian continent, not only by it's size reach and confrontation, but also in admiring the efforts of the people across the world and making sure that they get the chance to express themselves by providing them a widely global platform to support and enable bigger foresight by their writing efforts and Hence it was a heart felt moment when my Ebook came to the platform titled 'Warming Boom' and being an environmental title and a poem collection It did receive great potency and cultural glory to the Australian continent as I said here that this place is the biggest publishing hub in Australia and connected to the whole continent publishers which means that your reach become wider and things become easy to cover in all substences and hence it was a pride moment when Warming Boom was availed first in this online digital publishing platform and I felt great to the lulu publisher for such a wonderful distribution.
Though I had been feeling being heartened on the progress already in consent of Warming Boom as it had spread in the worldwide fraternity and had given me a great response so it was almost touching to the point or moment when It would also make it's remark across the Australian continent and as Booktopia is the phenomenal world to have a reach out It supported my work wel and it has been a great pleasure to share that readers who follow this place has blessed me with unique respect by almost making the Ebook out of store and it is gone to 'Non available status' in this publishing place and also on those all E stors to which It has connections in the Australian continent which shows the intensity through which the Australian reading community supports the E book reading and It had been a great luck to get their response and It has been a phenomenal one for no dout.
What I like the most is that Australian readers are not only up to the mark when it comes to read but they are also up to the stature to give remark, spread things on their own blogs and spread it to the bigger stage and there is no room for errors in such distribution as Booktopia does it all well phenomenally for which i would like to express my gratitude both to the Lulu press for publishing the Ebook and also spreading it to Booktopia by who's remark it has become a phenomenal impact in the Osenian continent in it's virtual growth to engage to the right intensity and settle on with the creativity to which I rightly belong as a visually impaired and those who read my Ebooks not consider this challenge being the barrior of my life which I appreciate all the same and hence I am extremely glad to share the fact that the success of the Ebook 'Warming Boom' on Booktopia is a fact which I may remember for long and It is a great feeling to look on in the wider consent.
The impact of this Ebook has already been recorded in the global stage and It has been appreciated all over the world on the consent it speaks as it is an environmental book and it is an ebook that speaks the challenge of The 'Global warming' crisis in front of us in all the varians and When I had been writing this poetry colection I was much sure that the liking may increase as Environment has become a challenge to solve and it must be sorted out and If writers can commit first to create more literature and If they get such unique appreciation like I had from places like Booktopia then it would be great and all the same a Big thank you to my parents, family and my Author team for the whole support and let's hope that the lightening stature to promote, create and make impact should continue which matters the most for anyone who writes in any form by all means...

Booktopia link of Warming Boom

This is what I was talking about in the above essay...

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