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It was a pleasant day

Sunny and bright

I was happy so was everyone.

Suddenly the sunlight dimmed

I thought there might be a rain

I heard a loud sound

Like a warcry

I ran out to see

I was shocked at what I saw

The sky was red

As if it was splashed with blood

There was a large figure

Something like an apparition

I realized it was the angel of death

I was shocked afraid and half dead

So were people

Pandemonium struck

Strife and discord was widespread

The angel of death mounted his horse

A hideous beast, an apparition of  hell itself

He charged towards humans

To unleash the punishment

To serve justice to god

Lucifer was let loose on earth

Earth split up

Revealing the abyss of hell

It was the rapture.... The end game..!

Life was coming to a screeching halt

The power of man reduced to waste

Everyone was dying so was me

I was afraid.........

Suddenly I woke up...I lay on my bed

It was a dream

It might have been a vision

Repent people

The rapture is approaching......
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Superb post...
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Excellent ! Keep writing more n more dear Appus

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