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I walk down the lane, finding fame,

With appraisals for my doing or maybe a hollow support,

Walking consistently in shadows of bright lights or to create a diversion of my own,

Life is not easy, breath heavy, carry yourself or breath heavy,

Diversions to my destination, I create my own league,

Multiple talents and sorrow face, divisions in self, reflected in others,

Bridges over bridges, hands upon hands, smiles upon smiles,

The reason we live for, it yet to surprise,

Maybe a direction will lead to peace, peace of self,

Roots are strong, weaker are leaves,

We might stand united, but fall ill,

Again the blame game starts, we see ourselves and craft,

Somewhere we unite, feel light,
Nowhere is the journey, yet we thrive,

From where we come, where shall we go,

Answers are null, faces dull,

I walk down the lane, finding fame,

Live to live is the only way,

Questions and answers are merely fair,

I come uninvited and go far away. 


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Navjyot happy to see u again
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ty brother

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