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The skies were dark,

My eyes were wet,

I stood watching in agony

When my friends were killed,

A gun in my hand, in that rotting trench,

I continued firing against the germans.

Blasting grenades, rotting corpses,

Mutilated bodies and cries of soldiers,

They still ring in my ears as I recollect,

the greatest war ,my horrifying past.

Brothers in arms lost to bullets

Dearest friends reduced to ashes

I stood watching them helplessly die

The guilt haunts me every moment.

What is the necessity of war….there is no gain in it.

Please love others war you gain nothing

Love and be loved , live and let live

Let us shed the angry face of obliteration

And love everyone

I know the sadness and guilt of war… the feeling when you kill a man who was just following orders

The guilt, the nightmares, the pain…

Please stop wars… I have been there … I know how it hurts.

I fought a worthless war, cooked up by politicians

Lost a limb and the last bit of sanity.

Humans are meant to love not to fight.

Please stop the wars….

(inspired from the words of british war veterans from world war 2)

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oved the poem...really wonderful...keep going
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Wow ! I never knew that my nephew could write such a touchy poem.  Keep it up dear Febin Joy
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just amazing... liked it...

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