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It was then she had
Realized it wasn't the 
Earthquakes vibrating
Beneath her feet 
But it was her heart
Trembling and crumbling
Into pieces.

She didn't understand
Because of all she thought
Was a rain
When all it came
Was a raging storm 
And an avalanche from 
The highest mountains.

She loved the sound
She anticipated a cacophony 
From the melodies of 
Destruction behind her
She forgot to foresee
The overlying facade 
She was blinded by
The lies-fabricated cascade.

She played in the gust
Under the menacing past
She didn't mind
But to tricked with such mirage
She loved her dreams
Though it drooped down
The rivers flow together 
With the remnants of
Her haunting memories.

She loved every transcendent 
Demeanor there is 
But like beauty
They too, shrivel and wilt
And just like that
She loved every desolate
Parts of her
She loved her destruction
She loved herself 
Even without him.

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Waooo amazing
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intense ....
so nice...
liked it !!!!
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Thanks a lot

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