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Into sheer damnation they went…
As we quietly watched them being sent –
To the castle of the hell-hound,
To him, we are utterly bound…
Soiled is our existence,
In his infective pestilence.
We are democrats with no voice
On the gaia, without a choice.

Yet one power we do possess –
Add fuels to fiery access;
Of diplomatic diligence
And of wicked intelligence!
Seeking for justice post the crime,
Highlighting voices. Like a mime,
When we choose to never prevent
In the first place, to shut the vent.

You see, enough of gews and rants,
Far enough with those faces to wear.
Have we ever asked ourselves;
Are we capable of protesting against this fever?
Be it Asifa, Nirbhaya, Eunuchs or Men,
Be the place my neighbourhood or somewhere beyond the borders!
A shame is a shame. Don’t slam it on their faces,
If you can’t prevent, don’t mourn for the same.

Sounds weird?! How can one prevent?
As all you need is to act when you can.
Don’t create a gaga named “awareness”
With silent marches, candles, blackened profiles everyday.
A disease can’t be cured without inner cleaning.
Few speeches, rallies, punishments don’t put an end,
They just begin the game of revenge.
Choice is upto you now, if you seek to avenge.

© Subhajit

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