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Sometimes I feel,

You're the answer to whatever I want;

But then my mind says,

You're the reason behind all of those questions.

Sometimes I feel,

Only you can mend these broken pieces and put them back together;

But then my mind reminds,

That you're the one who broke them all.

Sometimes I feel,

I'm kind of sick and only you have the cure;

But then my mind interrupts,

That you are the disease itself.

Sometimes I feel,

That your heart is the only place where mine would feel home;

But then mind says,

That your heart doesn't belong to me anymore.

Sometimes I feel,

You're the only one who could take me to the shore;

But then my mind warned,

You're the one who put me into this storm.

Sometimes I feel,

I should shut them all, mind and heart both;

But then I realized,

It's not my call.

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beautiful lines... loved it
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thank you !!!
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Wao a great contradiction brtween your heart n mind
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Thanks a lot!!
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Your writing style makes me think you r  brutally broken..Well,God knows better

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