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Two in a Jag 

I saw two people in a Jag a couple he was suited and booted she was raven-haired almost gothic. Consider this, imagine they have a crash just like in the movies and he is dead out of the way. She’s all shook over and slowly gets over it that’s natural. What’s not natural she has an epiphany when she died for 3 minutes on the op table.

It’s at this defining moment with her raven hair strewn about her face that she subconsciously makes her choice. A decision to be like her old mates from the late 80s and become a Goth. Oh how I’ve made it her mind said, got my own business, a nice husband and no kids. Sorry you had a man now he’s gone in the crash.

I’m gonna let my sis have my firm she did business studies but then met a twat of a guy and he stopped that. Having a kid ended any chance of a career or job. Her ex moved onto a younger model. My sis can use the day care crèche at my firm.

I’m going to Holland, Finland, Norway, Germany and more to get into this dark music call it fate. I’ve missed my party it’s time to start right now before I’m dead. This was my deathbed decision when I lost my husband and my jag but gained an alternative life. I’m going to take my savings and salary and go to Europe and party European Goth style. 

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