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shattered cluttered clumsy and arcane
loud and noisy, vehement and insane
full of prejudices and selfish thoughts
a group of intellectuals or crying bigots
all the same and all speak at same time
never to hear but to tell their own verse, own rhyme
evading from fears and running in the darks
yet talking about valour and sparks
dying in heart, killing dreams;
yet bragging about fake opinions; hiding the screams
to show their presence is the ultimate goal, the final aim
not to get hands dirty; not playing just talking the game
and yet ready to share or rather impose their opinions
selfish, self centered, pointless opinions
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very well written
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Thanks a lot priya :)
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!!! very well penned
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Thanks Ritika :)
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So many like these.......these days :)
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:) :) indeed Jacqueline
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Thanks Kshitij

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