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Yesterday as I was coming back from college,I came across a child sitting on the road.Tears were filled in his eyes and was about probably six or seven.All of a sudden,he came towards me and uttered only:"Help me,Please.It was very sure that he was in some sort of trouble.."Why is he crying out?I said to myself..Before I could say anything he claimed:"I have lost my way.You are not less than Angel for more.Help me in finding my way."He further told he had been to a market with his mother.He thought of making a mischief and hid himself far away from his mother while she was busy in buying fruit.He had no idea about his address.How could I help him without knowing his address.."Do not be curious as CURIOUSITY KILLED THE CAT," I said to myself and I often used to say that..Fortunately,I found a piece of paper in his shirt pocket.I took out the paper.It was actually the receipt of a grocessory shop."Amir Grocessory Shop," I read.Uncle Amir,Uncle Amir!he exclaimed with joy..I took him to his uncle's shop."Good Bye,Little Angel!" I said these as my last words.What surprised me was his reply to my Good Bye:"Do not say me an Angel.Its my humiliation .I am far better than Angels.Let me be a human.Allah ordered the Angels to prostrate your father and my father(Adam A.S)."

At first,he said that I was sent as an Angel for his help and now he was contradicting from his own statement that saying Angel to a man was humiliation.What an innocent boy he was!.Little Iqbal!
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very well written...

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