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Fact of Life 

"Hello doctor rituja, I am sister ninja from the 'personal care' center. There is a very serious case, if possible will you visit to check the patient? and give the right medicine for him? we all are very confused because reports are very critical."

 "Ok,I will reach in 15-20 minutes and update to me every detail" 

"Thanks, mem we are waiting for you" 

Dr.rituja quickly fresh up and pick the car- keys. Her mom surprisingly ask, ”are you again going somewhere?” “Yes, mom it’s very urgent for me to examine a serious new patient in our 'personal care' old home. It’s my duty to go first there” 

”oh my god, your dinner is ready and it’s too late also” 

“don’t worry mom” 

Dr. rituja rush to the center and handle minor surgery of the patient and check the record.It’s sure that this patient has a severe problem and taking too much time to recover his health to be normal. After two hours she came back to home and trying to sleep but today she feels very sad. When she closes the eyes appear a very emotional and pitty face of that old man. Slowly lots of thoughts in her mind. There are lots of social incidents occurs in the society. Every 2-3 days social incident came to the center. There are cases of a social war between family members and every time old people suffer.After some treatment and counseling they go back to their original home or an old people home. She remembers her mom told how selfish people are in this world. Dr.rituja and her mom also stays alone in this world for 27 years. When she was two years old her mom left home and a husband and completing her study and taking a high job.She write her own name only as a parent with rituja's name and Bhargava surname. After dr.rituja’s grandparent's death, there is nobody to tell her about her father. Dr. Rituja very happily married to dr.unnat Kumar and taking care of her mother. Dr.unnat came from Canada for study medicine and decided to stay in India because of his love for rituja and India as well.Her mom told everything about their problem. How they fell in love -happily stay- rituja's birth- mom’s friend vinali came in their life - dad totally neglects both of them. After that insulting life, mom sucheta left the home with rituja and started a new life.With very miserable thoughts slowly she sleeps with sad mood. Next day morning brings a fresh moment for breakfast with dr.unnat and mom, dr.rituja feel the very fresh atmosphere and happy. Again with a busy schedule with her center visit to that new patient Mr.Virkant Rastogi still very sad because he was very much hurt by his son, daughter and his wife as well.Nowadays he is also passing through a financial crisis. Nobody wants to take responsibility for him. He tells his life story to dr.rituja.In his eyes there are lots of question for future life.Dr.rituja understand his pain and handle very politely the situation, discuss with him, giving hope for future and advice to join some work to occupy himself to start a new life.After very good treatment Mr.virkant Rastogi again stands up to fight with a life and joint as an accountant in dr.rituja's friend’s firm. 

Time is flying like a wind and on an annual day personal care center celebrates the day with their success patient storytelling programme and giving them an award for coming out from the negative life to the bright positive life.Dr.rujuta and all members select Mr.Virkant Rastogi for the award for his self-strength to come up again. Dr.rituja say to her mother became a chief guest for this programme. On this prestigious event dr,rituja's mom sucheta bhargav came early and waiting for dr.rituja and dr.unnat. Suddenly someone enters in the cabin and sucheta bhargav shocked to see her ex.husband Mr.Virkant.His eyes flowing with tears and start asking lots of questions and tell her about his today award. Sucheta bhargav only say few words ,

“if you want to keep in touch with your daughter whole life, don't tell her that you are her father. Otherwise, I will kick you out from this place” 

Within few minutes dr.rituja and dr.unnat came with other guest and start the function.During his speech Mr.Virkant very emotionally told his life story and one sentence in the end, 

“I am very lucky because,i get a chance to stay in this center and like my daughter dr.rituja I will get 'moksh' after my death.Please dr.rituja ,after my death give me ‘agnidaah’ with your kind hands” 

After programmed dr.rituja say to Mr.virkant Rastogi, 

"we listen to your conversation with my mom, but we never say to mom that, I know you are my father." 

....And Mr.Virkant  slowly walk with full of tears and his life’s greatest award.

 -manisha joban desai 

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Good story... Liked it...
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nice post... welll written
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well penned....

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)

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