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Daily went for work came back,his manuscript waited for him for long but he did not notice.Varun got married eventually,became a father himself two times ,years passed.That manuscript still waited there for the old Varun.

One day his wife found it from his old books..

Varun..i found this from your old it something important..

Varun..did not heard her as he was reading something seriously..

He was reading an article about the latest developments in Antigravity..,

Varun..Varun..his wife again called..

Yes Veena what is it..

I found this from your old books..just see it is important or not…

Varun..jumped up..and grabbed it from it…with keen interest..

Then he read the article…and..sat back…and took a deep breath…

Varun..what happened..asked..Veena..

Varun gave both the manuscript  and the article to her..

She read both..and sit startled..Varun..this..You should have published it then itself..I cant believe it..

You could have changed the world..

Varun..again made a deep breath....

Yeah..but..i had to choose. Change the world or change for your family...,Parents and their happiness I could not give much for them for a long time, that moment when I got the was like I gave them everything and I did not wanted to destroy is still out there ready to be changed but moments like that will not come again. Parents are what holds us to this world ,there love is like Gravity always attractive ,we may find Anti-gravity in many forms I too found it but opted to forget it as I know the value of the Gravity I experienced. So I choose my parents over the world.

Varun smiled..Veena..too..

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LOvely end ...!!! nicely penned..!!

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