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Night seems to drift in a faster successin and two men appeared on the corner of the hall without anybody's notice or any gesture been shown.
They hushed each other and soon their steps died without anyone's notice in front of the richly drawing room where the family has been sleeping before hiding all the jewleries in their own secret cupboard.
Only the waitor knew what to do and how to grab them, But he was a kind of eye in that house and all he has to do was to keep an eye on movements of these two armed men.

As both of them didn't notice the eye of the waitor, They explained each other the reasons for they have been there and stood silent to realise what might all be happening and the only voice that crept their ears was the snors of the family.
Then the silence was pierced by a gun shot which became two or three in a very speedy way before anyone of the sleeping group could realise and they all were dead.
Not expecting this kind of move to happen, they hurried down the lanes, whispering the cause of the revolt, and their footsteps finally echoed down the chimney hanging over the room where they had planned to hide their secret.
They slowly backed behind the empty wall and were face to face with the man who has shot the family dead with the one who was holding all the rich jeweleries and they both towered them with fit of giggles echoing all over the place.

For a moment they thought they are struck dumb by the ghosts of the house and then they realised that the person who has shot in the night is the house waitor who have served them drinks and now they realise the real trap in which they are tracked now.
Before any move could occur by their side, both of men felt their feet sliding and they fell with a crash on the floor not knowing what or how the things are moving all around.
They are skillfully tackle by their own trap and now they lay there on the unclean floor feeling nothing but their own snors echoing all across the place.

The man dragged both of them and ushered the companion with holding jewels to run away from the sight and sell the rare expansive metals for their interest.
They dropped the gloves on the floor and left the place only leaving behind the eye camera which could now show both the unguilty facing the cherning crime to face without even committing the same.
It sometimes happens that you are not under the belt and you are still sent to the prison and This was one of the finest example of the sins not commited but still being part of the sins...

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