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To me, are very dear, My Fears!
That made me strong and brave;
And forced me to think I'm not-
Here to born and go in the grave.
Have to do something before dying
With the soul, I am owing.
Entering a new world of the quest
A new journey avoiding the West
When heart and soul divide
You will never know your might.
Scared of the shadowy dark?
Giving a chance to people to bark?
Hiding under the bed?
What about challenges ahead?
Were you sent for all this?
Humans are useless, the Satan's pitch.
Sum up by saying, I have no more words;
Superior of all creatures, you've worth.
(Muneeb Tahir)

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Very well written...
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Thanks ... :)
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Beautiful composition!!
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Thanks alot
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0wesome man u r doing good
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Thanks alot brother..keeps supproting

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