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It was a Sunday morning of autumn 4th December 2011, as usual I was relaxing and doing my breathing yoga under the Banyan tree in the park concrete bench, Banyan tree emits positive aura, near by joggers park of my house, just opposite to Mayfair Hotel, London. Few squirrels were busy in warming up, I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm, somewhere in me gave positive aura watching them. A man in navy blue t-shirt and loose fitting trousers wearing a golf cap came and sat on the bench were I was sitting on other end, I looked at him, he passed a small smile, I felt I saw him somewhere but couldn't recollect, his wrinkles on face were little deep on cheeks and eyes were bright with lot of stories buried.
I started watching squirrels and birds, it soothes...after few minutes he asked "did you recognise me", I said "no" but I have seen you, he started talking, " I am the "Guide of a CID.. sometimes a jewel thief too... and finally I am Chargesheeted"...he smiled, I was amazed and astonished, my throat choked but managed to ask; " are you Dev Anand, he laughed and said "Yes I am Dev Anand, he continued ,daily I meet a new person and share feelings to feel like a common man. Oops...that I realised any human how big there status is, it's their attitude make them a true human who reach great heights...
We walked along the lanes, my embracement anybody could see on my face, he was so simple in his talking and same style as seen in movies, but he did not speak a word on cinema. His concern was for orphans, homeless human beings and spiritually. He asked me have you ever seen God, I was weird with this question, I said no; he said I have seen in the eyes of children who don't know who their parents are...
caring and spending time with them, their laughs, innocence, gives sparks of divine feeling, when all children live legitimately, they have no identity and they have no womb to point the place from were they came. There is no technology to find the parents of orphans. I run an orphanage in India and now lately formed a trust to look after as i am too old now to look after, He gasped a while and said now I need your hands to hold me to walk more, I holded tightly, we walked towards the exit gate, he wanted to leave, driver came and took him to the car, he waved me and gave his charming smile and left..i stood there for few minutes watching the way car went, it was unbelievable incident for me, i stood with wide open mouth, for a second I made sure I was not dreaming. I walked back to park bench.
Squirrels were still busy in morning warmups, I slipped my hands into right pocket and fetched peanuts, threw to squirrels, which I daily do.
I just slipped into my thoughts and was thinking of the concern Mr Dev showed few moments before, he had a purpose to live, which I didn't have now after reaching London. I had a new wish coming to mind, to visit an orphanage and do some noble work which may be good to mankind. A purpose Mr Dev gifted me by sowing a noble seed in my mind.
I sat idle on bench, now the squirrels were not there, neither the peanuts which I threw for them, they too had a purpose to live, I thought. I stood up and walked towards the newspaper stand, placed at entry of garden. Took the copy of Daily Mail and again sat on the same bench and lazily went through news and photos, all were mostly hot news of films, fashion. Coverage of ads and photographs leave less space for news I thought. Suddenly my eye stuck on a small column on third page with photograph of Dev Anand, I started reading, " Demise of Indian actor Dev Anand of cardiac arreston 3rd December 2011 in Mayfair Hotel"...i was about to faint, newspaper fell from my hand and slowly flew with morning breeze. It took few moments to recover from shocking embracement, as a flash the moments passed before me which happened just moments back, talks with Dev Anand and his concerns, but how, he was near me today few moments back, his soul left this world yesterday, was it his soul who was near me...still a mystery carrying inside me alone. It took me an hour to normalize myself. I walked slowly to my home and stood in front of Mayfair Hotel, with a deep breath I walked.
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wonderful imagination and creativity...
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very well penned @Dev Dutt

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