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Her mom rushing towards her..

Where were you till now? Look at your watch it is 8 0 clock now. You are a girl, and it is not at all safe for a girl of your age to roam around the city at night..

Sitara remembering her Professor’s words kept herself calm..and said..

Ok..Ok..amma I am sorry, you know the discussions went on and time just flew , I guarantee you that this will not happen again, and if it is ought to happen anytime then I will call and inform that I will be late also will ask dad to come and pick me., ok

Sitara’s father and sister were amused. Usually such a scene ends with extreme words exchange between mom and daughter but this time Sitara has taken a defensive stand. It is different and interesting. are fine and well right..?

Sitara gave a sharp look at her dad..with a punch line..”dad please..”

Amma,I am much hungry.

Her mom have become “cold” by now..

You go bath and come,I will get you something to eat, Renu, come and help me in the kitchen..

Sitara showed her sister the way to the kitchen…, Her sister walked away to the kitchen with a grin..

After bath Sitara moved to the kitchen, Renu was making dosas and mom was adding final touches to the beef fry,

Wow..dosa with beef fry..yummy..

She got the tava from her sister and started making dosas.  To make Renu happy..

Her mom served her with hot dosas, chutney and beef fry..

Sitara grabbed a piece of dosa, dipped it in chutney and wrapped it over a beef fry piece and served it to Renu first then she repeated the same and served herself..

Sithu..this Sunday only,  Deepthi’s marriage..


She is younger than you..

Just few months amma..

I have some plans for Sunday. I have much work to complete. I think you three should go for the marriage.

And you will stay alone here..

No amma,I will move to my friend Janaki’s hostel room. It is just the case of a night.

No way Sithu, you must come with us for the marriage. Your Sarala aunty will eat my head if you did not come.

Dad, please tell amma, I have much work to complete…

Not this time my dear, I cannot help you with this.

Ok……., but on one condition

We will go Saturday evening and will be back by Sunday evening, ok dad

For me it is okay, I am not sure about your mother..

Sarala is not my sister!!

Ok..ok..please don’t start a fight. I am wondering how you two people manage to fight up on similar issues again and again.

I am going to my room. I have lots of work to do. This was my dinner too, so please don’t disturb me.


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nicely moving on!!
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