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Sitara smiling with delight, thank you sir. It is so wonderful to hear such words from you. So my idea is good and I can move forward right.

Yes of course. You must. I am with you my child go and change the world..

Sithara  looking on to the clock..

OH..its 7 0 clock  sir, I need to move. Amma will be killing me being late. She wants me to be at home by 6 o clock..

Ha ha, mothers are like that Sitara.., understand her and adjust yourself. One day you are going to be like her to your kids. At the end of this research am sure she will be proud of you.

Now rush. Good night..

Sitara was actually running to the parking lot, she saw Varun coming in the opposite direction, slowed down..

Hey Sitara..

Hello Varun..

Rushing home?

Yes I am little late, by the way how are and how’s your work going..?

I am fine Sitara, hope you are too. Work is going well, hopping to submit the thesis by November.

How is your project going?

Well I have finalized the exact topic today so will be  starting soon..

Nice then what else..

Varun., I  need to rush yaar., nice meeting you..


Amma, now you can stop being worried. Sitara chechi has arrived. 


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Nice yaal..!!
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