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You are specifically focusing on insect psychology. Not many references available, but we can find works somewhat related to it.

Sir my idea is to focus on Ants,  Ant psychology that too specifically on its movements and understanding of surroundings and behaviour according to those understandings.

Yes, it was said like that in the proposal..,  what change you wish to bring in now?

Sir, my idea is to generalize the concept that we derive from the analysis of psychological and cognitive behaviour of ants to surroundings. Ants respond and adapt to situations or are made to adjust itself to surroundings by nature in this way. Adjustments like this are possible in the case of other species.

Sithu. I would like to know how you reach to this kind of subject, what made you think like this? You read something related to it or someone directed you to this idea? Please explain..

It is a long story, but I hope it will be interesting…

One evening I was sitting on the stairs to the roof of my house, just wandering in random thoughts. Then suddenly I noticed a group of ants. They were moving through the floor then started climbing the wall. What I found interesting is that they did not had any hesitation. Climbing the wall they were doing it in the same pace and rhythm with which they were walking on the plain floor. I thought about it for hours and concluded that ants only understand 2 dimensions. As they are too small they don’t have to worry about the 3 rd dimension that is the height. They understand height as length itself.

You did do further reading..?

Yes sir and from one of such research I read that ants follow the path of the one that is going in front. So I decided to give an experiment. I obstructed the way of a group of ants going in line, instead of going over the obstruction they went around it. If they understand the obstruction as another plain then they may just have gone over the obstruction instead of going around.

Sithu you obstructed the way of the first ant in the line?

No Sir, they have been passing through that way long before my arrival so it may not be the first ant I obstructed. that is the problem. What you read is right. Ants follow the path of the one that is going in front of it. So when it noticed the obstruction it felt it as a new way or plain but there were no traces of the ones that were going ahead of it so instead of choosing the new way that is fresh they opted to go around finding the traces. They would have gone over the obstruction only if they could not have gone around the obstruction.

Sithu as far as I have understood, it is how ants behave.

 Why do they behave like that?

 Many reasons will be complimenting this behaviour like, there small size. As they are very small they are very less affected by gravity. Also they are very strong and can raise weights 50 times more of its self-weight. So it is possible for an ant to overcome the influence of gravity on it, physically it is capable of doing it. So it can climb on walls easily.

But sir, are they aware of the fact that they are physically able to overcome gravity or they just do it like that. Are they purposefully doing it or the nature is making them do it by denying them the perception of the third dimension that is height. That is what we have to find out. If they are doing it by themselves then, how such a small brain can do such complex calculations. If nature makes them do it then we can conclude that such manipulations are not done only with them, when nature does something it does it to many but may be in different ways and different levels. That is the generalization I am talking about.

Professor Soman leaned on to his chair. with a long breath..

Sitara. My child you are unbelievable, when u told me on the phone that you have made some changes with the proposals you sent me, I did not expect it to be such a big change. This is a revolutionary concept, from my experience I am telling I have not heard about such an idea or  concept before. No one have ever thought to study the intervention of nature in our life’s to make us unknowingly adjustable to the environment, it is a great thought. 


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YOu also have a deep knowledge about this topic..!!
Well its gud..!!
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very good....

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