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 Part 1


Sitara has been in front of laptop for hours. She can hear her mom calling out the same to her dad and to give a check on her to find out what she is doing.., and then her dad showed up...

Hey sithu. You look busy?

Yes dad..

Hope it’s not some random chatting guy.

Come on dad.., it is not fair to say this but as you know it better than me.., I am 26 dad not 16.

Yes.. I know it, also your mom. But she is not ready to accept it..Ha ha..

Dad, I think she should be more worried about Renu, she is just 18 now.

Her mom interferes...

My whole thoughts are about you, not about your sister, she is only 18, you know you are 26 now; girls of your age including your school mates and college mates are all married and settled. Some even have 2 or 3 kids by now. And you, still single.

Dad, please ask mom to change the topic…

I will not, I am your mom and I am the one who is answering to people..

Look amma, I am not saying that I don’t want a marriage, I am just saying that let me complete my research , after that I will marry any guy whom you two will declare to  be the one most suitable for me.

Sitara’s phone rings..

Hello sir..

Hello Sitara hope you got my mail..

Yes sir, I have been going through those documents, they all are about animal psychology..

Yes. Your project proposal was based on animal psychology specifically insect psychology. So I sent them..

Sir my idea is not exactly as I mentioned in the proposal.. I have made some changes..

Sir are you there at your office..?

Yes I will be around here till evening ; if you can come here now then we can discuss it more in detailed

Ok..sir, I will be there by half an hour..

And by the way, did you have lunch sir..

No, Sithu. I am about to leave to canteen..

Don’t worry sir, I will buy two meals and come…

Ohh..Thank you dear..thats great news..come soon..

Professor R K Soman is her research guide, a grant old man in his 60s. He has been her professor during her degree classes too.  Veteran zoologist and a great scholar.

Sitara got ready in an hour, grabbed her scooter and rushed to university; it is only a half an hour ride. On the way she bought two meals from a non-veg restaurant.

Professor was eagerly waiting for his lunch to arrive, he is diabetic.. sorry sir…am little late. This traffic you know..

Sitara served lunch to professor..

Great. It’s delicious sithu,  actually am very much bored of the canteen meal..

Sitara smiled..

They both finished lunch.

So my dear, lets come to the topic..

Animal psychology is different area, something many have not tried. You on having a degree in Zoology and Masters in Psychology can try researching in it. It is a very suitable area of work for you. 


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!! Mysteries
Beginning is well penned !!
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very nice....

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)

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