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                                        WORTH OF PEN

“Pen is mightier than sword”, every person who-so-ever reads, acknowledges this fact.

Every educated person agrees to it. And everyone knows what it means, right?

Think again, do we really know the meaning? Is it that simple? That’s the question?

                             Pen is mightier than sword, or, War is not the solution, we can pen down the issues

And try finding the solution by peaceful correspondence. Yes, that’s the way we phrase it, and believe me there is nothing wrong in it. It is an excellent reasoning, but do you think it’s enough to take ‘pen’ so lightly, just to resolve problem’s by correspondence. For me it’s like reading Shakespeare and completely ignoring metaphor, irony and similes, which gives us a witless work. So is to shorten the worth of pen.

‘Pen’ the most incredible invention. Every single subject is in debt to it,

From history to science and to Art, it made men, what we see today around us.

Strongest tool at the hands of mankind, all our knowledge is in debt to pen.

                   Swords were rusted, and blood soaked,

                  If not penned down, in history

                  Who would have known great souls?

We know our history, because it’s been penned down for generations.

We know geography as written in maps, cultures and guides; we are accustomed to philosophy as written in books, by experienced minds and psychology, as we read in written cases.

All the innovations, explorations and experiments. In fact, everything is passed to us through writing, firstly, by stones and carvings and then, by paintings. Languages changed, words changed, and so changed the culture; but one thing remained, way to scribe everything for the sake of future.

              Every experiment of science were written and passed for more research and development, for more invention and a step ahead towards future and to write new success. And literature, every human emotion, desire, faults and inspirations or, we can say ‘LIFE’ written down to be read when needed, to help those who are drowning.

Everything is penned down from life to living, from passion to emotion and from inspiration to innovation. Love for lovers, war for fighters, and numbers to mystics, everything is penned down.

Even our abilities are counts of our written assignments, and our languages are the gifts of pen.

                              In sooth, our personalities are grooved by pen. If not scribbled, every step would have been lost in the sand of time, and every invention scattered with winds. A savage life in small tribes, we would have been spending, forget about globalization which is the gift of written blueprints.

People die and traditions change, but written words never die. They give us a new spark of future’s hope at every cost.

                       This is why I say Pen is much Mightier than sword.  Because sword would have lost with time, if pen has not written the strength of great kingdoms fall. Pen is the strongest weapon at human’s hand, writing the chants and creating god. But there is one thing which pen looks forward to, that is hands that know how to create.

Just like sword needs warrior to strife. So, pen catches its blazes……………..

                     “WHEN INSPIRATION STRIKES”

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