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                                                    LOVE FOREVER

25 august

“The messiest thing in this world is ‘love’ and the simplest too”. Dear diary, this is what I learned today.

“Gosh, it’s already 10”, she exclaimed, “ I should wish him good night”.

She opened her laptop and composed an e-mail


            Hey Tom, sorry for being late, but, you know I was so lost in diary, got unconscious of time,

I know you don’t like my scribbling, but when you are not with me, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

Okay forget about it, today again as usual everyone was sympathetic towards me, I think I am getting used to it now.  Even mom and dad put on unusual lectures about lost love and all. “Time is painful but it too will pass”, it has become their favorite line. I think they are stressing too much.

You don’t worry, I am perfectly fine. Miss you



She cuddled her pillow and went to sleep, a sound night. In the morning waked by the mobile ringing, it was his mother.

“Hello”, she said “Hi Eza, it’s me, Tom’s mother” a silence; “we are organizing a prayer for his death anniversary, I was thinking” she stopped,” would you like to join us?”, “oh! Definitely Mrs. Martin”

“Thanks darling, see you at church 12 o’ clock”

“I’ll be there, Bye”


9 Am Eza , opened her laptop and started composing mail……


Hey Tom, It’s been 2 years now, since I saw you last. I still remember that day, you dazzled in military uniform, gosh, I skipped breathe…….MY HERO. I felt so proud of you, though I was against your decision of joining military. That afternoon you promised me to love me forever and kissed me goodbye.

My morning started with your mail and my day ended writing to you, that was my routine for two years,

Hoping everyday to see you again, but, one morning I heard the news of your leaving.

You left, not only military, but the life too. I don’t know what happened next, people say I was Stoned

Next I knew was standing in the church, everyone wailing, my focus was on you, looking handsome as ever, in a sound sleep. And I knew somewhere; you kept your promise, You Loved Me Forever.

I still miss you, but, I know your love is with me, it keeps me strong. I have to leave now……….. BYE

Eza dressed herself for prayer, got some fresh Roses “His favorite”, and her love. At 11:30 she was there in front of church, it was like a lifetime has passed. She grasped her breath and entered.

Hugged Mr. & Mrs. Martin, and, took the seat in front. Behind her, some chatters, it was all about her

Some sympathetic and some advisory, some words got her startled, amidst of all this, she sat for prayer

Putting her Roses on her beloved’s tomb, she left silently for home. Back home no one questioned her, she went directly to her room, grabbed her diary and started writing……..

“Dear diary, they say, my life is messed up, But they cannot see, how beautiful my beloved’s dreams are.

He is not with me, but his soul lives through me, that how, I know he loves me………

Yes, the messiest thing in world is Love, but simplest too, it teaches how simple is to love one, who is always breathing in you………… “EZA GRACE………..

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