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Numbers Game
What happens when two serial killers meet? Do they argue on how many people they have to murder before they're officially 'serial killers'? One says it's three while the other argues five. Does it really matter? Yes, it does. Fight! To the death.

The five killer has the advantage. He's been a murderer longer than his opponent. Will those extra two kills make a difference? Maybe. But the other is of a darker character. More evil. They battle it out. No mercy. Punching, kicking, biting, scratching, blocking, kicking. Anything goes.

The fight becomes a stalemate. Exhausted they pause. What now? Each is a dangerous and worthy enemy. New tactics are needed. The five killer calls upon his sharp devious mind for an advantage, the three digs deep to his evil side. It continues.

Like a game of tag, this could go either way. Either could win. If only God would intervene, strike them both down. But He doesn't. This is His entertainment. Serial killer rivalry. All because they disagreed upon the number.

How many murders makes one a serial killer? Five, three, five three. The winner will know the answer. Then more innocent souls will die...

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