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Dear Yamuna ,

     Flow flow flow the poison,
     For the poison is your gift,
     Blessed with Hercule's blessings,
      For he was the protector of poison,

Black black black poison, flow poison ,
For Black was not the colour ,often complained about !! ,
It was pure ! ,Before the curse of demon !
As he fought to protect , Demon flourished his blood in it ,

        Promise promise to not to return ,
        But what about the black black poison           left as sign of his curse ?
         For Hercule's was the protector ?
         Did he fail ? or Did he win ?
        Was it a curse or was it a blessing ?

As the world blamed her for her black poison !!
Was it not the duty to protect ? Ohhhh Hercules !
For thousands of years her sister's worshipped but she was not !
As god himself was her protector ,

            She is blamed for something she is not to be blamed for !!
           Was it a justice to her ?
        How was the curse a blessing to her ?
        Was it her mistake to be called 'Yamuna'  not ' The holy GANGA '  ?
         Flow flow flow the poison,
   For the poison is your gift of blessing ,
          Blessed with Hercule's blessings,
              For he was the protector of poison,

- Navjyot
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Kshitij it also has a mythological reference attachment and a modern touch as well.
Yes , as a human i am very much sensitive in such cases and towards thee topic.
Thank you for understanding my work
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very well penned..!! one of the best of urs..!!
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Thank you Ritika
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I wish I could write like you....
It's more like a poem....
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Priya ji such a wonderful comment made my day.
U are better though !

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सबको पोषित करने वाली , आज खुद पोषण को तरस रही.
अपने देश की नदियाँ, आज अपनों की तरफ देख रही....

इसके जल की धाराएं, क्यों बहते बहते  सूख  गयी.
देव भूमि को सींचने वाली, क्यों आज हमसे रूठ गयी......

इज्जत करते हो अपने लहू की, तो नदियों की भी करना सीखो,
रक्त की बहती धाराओं में, अनुभूति इनकी भी करना सीखो......

समस्या है ये बड़ी जटिल, तुम क्यों नहीं कुछ सोच रहे.
मूक बधिर बनकर तुम, क्यों क्षितिज की ओर देख रहे.....

नदियों का जल इसतर घटना, घटना हम सबका मान है.
इनको दूषित और गन्दा करना, अपने पूर्वजो का अपमान है.....

क्या सच में हम ही है पढ़े लिखे, जो नहीं समझते प्रकृति को.
हमसे तो अच्छे वो अनपढ़ है, जो मेहनत करके करते खेती को.....

अब भी वक़्त है संभल जाओ, सुलझालो इन समस्याओ को.
एक अनमोल तोहफा दे जाओ, आने वाली सन्तानो को......


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Beautiful thought .
Well penned satire
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aptly replied....good
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thanks priya ji

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