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I walk to towards those lovely creatures,
They fear me  ! why ?
Because I am a human
I see how civilised they are ,
Uncivilised are we ! Why ?
Because we are humans
They love unconditionally and from heart ,
Why do we fake love ? Why ?
Because we are humans
We live in a world of living blue sea ,
Covered are we with layer of faked conditions - love,care , apologies, hatred, corruption.
Drill a hole into those living emotions dead from thousands of years , human !
Better were animals , what's the gain in being civilised ?
Uncivilised we are , accept it ..
We are the ones who are deaf to those silent emotions we hear loudly ...
No solutions is what we say ,
Solution was never the aim ,
To be improved was not needed ,
To be was needed .
-Navjyot Singh
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humans are just like that brother... nicely penned...
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Thanks brother
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Thanks alot brother
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Good (Y)
Bus k dushwar ha har kam ka asaan hona
Admi ko b musayar nahi insaan ha
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Dawar e mashar( O day of judgement) mujhe teri qasam
Umar bhar mene ibadat ki ha
To mere nama amal to dekh
Mene insaan sy muhabat ki ha :(
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nice muneeb and thank you

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