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It had been a long time since I last met her. There was no reason at all to meet after all. She was happy in her life and I had moved on too. Only the memories of our bittersweet relationship were left.
It so happened that we crossed path once again. She came to McDonalds with her family and what a coincidence it was that we were standing in the same line. We both had apprehension to start the talking. I broke the silence and said, "Hi... How have you been"? She hesitantly replied, "Good, you say". I said I was good too. We both could sense the adrenaline rushing into our veins but we had both learnt how to simmer it down. Afterall, LOVE IS A GREAT TEACHER. She collected her stuff and went back to the tabke where her family was sitting. And we were strangers again...

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Thanks a lot guys.

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