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बेज़ार हो गया हूँ,
एक ही सूरत देख कर,

''आईने'' तू भी कभी,
मुस्कुरा लिया कर.
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aaahaa...kud ka muskurao to aaine ki taane de rhe hai..
are janab...jra hme yad kar ke hi muskuraliya  kre...
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Aapko yaad karke, Shayri likhte hai, ye kya kam hai , thanks.
commented by sweet of you...thaaankuu :0 )
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Thank you. Bahot dino se aapki shayri nahi पढ़ी, kab likhoge?
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haha... nice one brother... :)
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Thanks for liking brother.
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badiya....keep writing
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Thank you Priya.
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Thanks Sheela.

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