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holding hands of memories
memories of me being small kid
not dreaming of life or future
just living the moment; vivid

then on one turn
i met her, the very smile
chased her, to find the reason
what is happiness, where does it reside

i found her in  the streets
where kids were rolling the tyres on road
and then found her on the swings
enjoying with kids, no pressure, no load

i then chased her more
and found a deep meaning of smile
beyond give or take, beyond expecting
it is a feeling, to live, to revive

it emerges when we met a pure heart
it remains in the talks; carrying the shine
it then resides in memories forever
woven in moments, not affected by time

with friends or with even strangers
the moments of unexpected joy
the moments of un precedented care and love
the boundless bliss, and then we enjoy

those memories make us smile
in the time when life is martinet; attempts going in vain
it makes us rise and strive
to seek for smile again; to seek life again
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just amazing...
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Thanks Gurjyot :)
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Nice lines...
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Thanks a lot :)
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thanks a lot :):) glad u liked

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