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I remember when the time we first met
We arguing for something,
due to different opinion and belief
and yet we never stop communicating.

I remember when the time we're happy together,
we're laughing at a silly joke
we're talking in just non sense
and yet we talked as if no more tomorrow.

I remember when the time you said
you will always be there for me,
and If I'm losing hope and strength you will give your sweet smile
so I would know you're still there.

I remember when the time you said,
If I have amnesia,
you'll do something to remember me everything.
you wouldn't stop reminding me until I can remember everything.

I remember when the time you said
You will always love me,
you're always there for me,
because if I'm with you by your side
everything's will be okay.
And those words are more than enough to take away my fear.

oh dear,I remember every detail, every words you said..
that inspires me to live and to continue to walk forward.
every lines you said that inspires me to write a poem
and to sing a song.

But why all of a sudden you left me
In just a little problem, you ignored me.
And it's hurts...
You're simply hurting me,
while you said, you won't let me cry
Because you will always make me smile.

©Mari Felices
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nicely done... :)
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thank you so much gurjyot singh

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