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Ineed to pretend that I'm happy
So I could smile to everyone.
I need to pretend that I'm strong
So I can face all the trials alone.
I need to pretend that I don't love you anymore.
So I can bear all the pain and heartbreak you'd caused me.
I need to stop writing poem,
Because every line, every stanza,
every rime on my verse is my heart.
the feelings I was trying to hide.
I need to stop singing and playing guitar
Because I remember you in every melody that I sing.
I need to pretend that I'm busy
So, I haven't  a chance to think of you,
every minute of the day.
I need to fake it, until I can make it.
I need to pretend, so I can do all of these with a smile on my face.

©Mari Felices
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Very well written... :)
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thank you so much sir @gurjyot_singh
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well penned Mari....

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