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Oh sunlight, enlighten me,
You penetrate into the darkest of the darker places,
So you take away my darkness.
Oh wind, support me,
You carry good as well as bad with you,
So help me spread the good words through you as a medium,
Oh plants, teach me please,
You convert carbondioxide to oxygen
Teach me to convert bad things to good ones!
I wish rain teaches me
How to stay brave and hopefully,
Even when we don't know where we land! Or end up.
Oh moon, let me learn from you,
To stay pleasant and cool
Even though we have volcanoes inside us!
Oh dear butterfly, help me to learn
how to transform twice in a single life.
Oh night, inspire me,
You are the only example that even the darkness has beauty.
Inspire me to find beauty even in the darkness that I may have in my life.
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just amazing... :)
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very inspiring !!!
loved the idea !!
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Thank you so much Bhaiyya :)
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Thanks a lot ritu :)

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