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Ye na pucho mujhe usse pyar kitna...
Ye pucho mujhe uske liye karar kitna...
Wo jo keh de to mai haste hue suli char jau...
Maut to bohot choti cheej h...
Mai to uski yaad mai puri zindagi jee jau...
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:D ;) kon hai hai khushnaseeb :D
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hahaha... somethings in life should remain secret... ;)
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So cute......... Lovely lines!!!!
Just loved it!!!!

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Pyaar karna hai to kisi se itna karo, ki

Zindagi kam padd jaye,

Bas ek baar wo pyaar se bolde I LOVE YOU,

To hum chup chap suli par chad jae…..
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wonderful Priya :)
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Thanks Gurjyot!

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