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Are angels real or so I wonder

Do they exist or is it just blunder?

I  seek them faraway and in my mind

Always the query will I ever find?

What angels do is calm and soothe

Me enlightened upon an universal truth,

Passion and energy, love unconditional 

Thinking of my angel makes me emotional .

All these years I searched for my angel

right by my side she was, making me able;

Comforting me through pain and tears

Guiding me along ,allaying my fears.

Age of innocence and troubled teens

Bunking classes, college not very keen.

Letters from afar, love and advice galore

Breaks my heart, won't get them anymore .

My mother was my angel, the one I sought

Whom I loved and but sometimes fought.

Memories come, heart's painfully wrought 

Feels like life has come to a complete nought .

With my angel gone

I'm in a state of flux;

Will I ever get out 

Of this spiralling vortex?

My mind's in turmoil

Answers I do seek,

Why does Death come

Silent and meek?

Don't know if we'll meet again on that beautiful shore,

But promise will shower my love on you more,

All my love, transparent and hiding

Will come to the fore, time was biding.

Carried me lovingly in her womb

Cared for me always unto the tomb.

If I'm born again, I want to be your son

My prayers for that have already begun.

© t O m S o N . All rights reserved.

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Thank you mr Singh
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Bro it was awesome... loved it entirely :)
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Hey thanks mate
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Congratulations :) :) : ):)
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Thank you Tushar

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