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                                                             My Mother In Distress 

Can't see you lying down on bed like this,
So fragile and weak you look mummy,
Feel so bad that you can't eat as before,
We have to hold you when you walk,
You get so tired when you talk,
Why did this happen to you mummy?
Why you ? Why you ? Why you ?

You are such a lovely person,
You always helped everyone in distress,
You are a frank and genuine lady,
So very cooperative, friendly and bold,
Doctor said, your mother is a very strong lady,
She's understanding and fighting it out very well,
But still I want to know, why God chose you ?

You were the one who brought me into this world,
And brought me up so well with lots of love and care,
You are always there to pour my heart out,
You speak your mind to me too,
You took care of all of us so well,
Our whole family revolves around you,
Then why is it that God chose you ?

It's so difficult to see you suffer like this,
Most of the time you are on drips and medication,
Still you are concerned with all of us around,
Specially if daddy is fed on time or not,
And if all of us are doing fine without any problems,
You heard your diagnosis with a smile,
And bearing it all without any complaints.

May God give you the strength in this difficult time,
To face everything that follows from now on,
We are all there by your side always,
To help you out in every way we can,
Feel so helpless mummy at times,
How do we save you from all this suffering?
It's a difficult question, answer we want.

Doctor says, it's the best they can do,
As the disease is such that is making you weak,
Now, I pray hard for your recovery mummy,
That God give you a little more strength to eat better,
And to walk around in the house at least,
So that you are there nearby to guide us as always,
Please God, try and understand, help us, as only YOU CAN !

Jacqueline Lobo

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I m so glad you loved it Priya , thank you so much for God's blessings, she really needs it at present:) Your presence in yoalfaaz is req like before, all the time:)
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I will surely try my best Jacque :)
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That's so sweet of you , God bless :)
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Congratulations :) :) : ):)
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Thank you Tushar :)

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