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I finally realized my mistake and gathered some courage to go and meet my father up on the terrace. He was still busy in chat with his friend..a friend who was still very angry with me and might have hit me by then if my father was not around. I knew that I have not made my father angry but hurt him deeply. So I decided to ask for sorry...but how could I? I never said Sorry to anybody but i was feeling so much guilty that my throat was jammed. I couldn't help my self to say sorry (my first ever), I could only allow myself to fall on his feet. It was the time of monsoon outside as well inside my teary eyes. Still finding my self struggling to utter a single word to say S-O-R-R-Y. But my father who was also full of tears by then could easily understand what his son was striving hard to say. So he got up and grabbed me in his cuddle and said," You are my Good son", with a lump in his throat. I still was finding myself struggling with words to say "Thank you" for my punishable crime. The time this all was happening I also noticed the change in the mood of his friend. This time I noticed that the anger was disappeared from his eyes and were filled with love, tears moreover with respect for father son bonding. My father and me cried for the shortwhile while hugging each other. As they say a man doesn't look good while crying, so, finally he asked me to leave but this time happily.
The next morning was my first day in the company. As my father was sure that I will be okay with my room mates (5 at that time), he decided to leave back for home. But that morning I realized that I have a Father...a special gift God can give to a human and it was painful for me to get away from him.But we were walking in the opposite direction...and as the distance was growing I was melting from I side. I was walking with my friends... But I was not talking to anyone as this time also my throat was blocked and I was crying silently and showering tears from my eyes.. AND I KNEW THAT HE WAS ALSO CRYING, THE WAY I WAS....
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a good write up....

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