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Before reading this pl note that I am not good at all in English. So pl go with the senses not with the tenses....but don't hesitate to correct it will boost my confidence.

What does it mean by " I Have a Father". It is very common that we actually don't care for anything when it easily available to us, we only desire for those which are far..far...very far...even out of our reach..or out of our Destiny. But for those who doesn't relate to so called common statement that "Yes, everyone do have a Father" , small dreams matters a lot. Yes, everyone has a Father ,of course... it is ,that's way we are here in this world but is he with you to protect you, to care you, to hug you,to shout a you, to laugh with you and even cry in your pain (of course,behind your back). The answer is No.My father is also one of them, he lost his dad in his young age... These are the cases which inspired someone to say "Success counted sweetest to those who have never won in their life".You starts taking granted to those who comes to you easily.I was also one of them.
There was a day in my life which change my way of looking to my father.Of course I respected him always. This is because in our society we are we are always thought to respect our elders and our parents. It is an inseparable part of our upbringings. They always try to i still it in our body.But in real we only keep this in our mind not in heart. It generally takes a long time to travel this teaching to our Heart as we  mostly respect them due to fear or just for namesake (bounded by our greediness ). There were some emotional moments which changed me thoroughly as a son. It starts back in 2007 when I got my job and I need to go to Ahmednagar (Maharashtra). It was a big thing for the boy like me who never spent a complete slcy le of single day out of my adobe until that day.So my father and one of his old friend decided to join me to ensure my settlement befor they leave. So finally we reached there and stayed in a Hotel for a day meanwhile my father searched and found a room for me.In the evening some other 16-17 guys of the same batch joined me. As they did not have any shelter so they decided to get fresh and leave the luggage at my room before going to search for rooms. As we also just reached to room...we found it very dirty...mean while my father started to clean the room that too in front of those guys. I was shocked and was feeling embarrassed, but I didn't utter a single word. But in the evening when my father and his friend was sitting on the terrace , I went there and stated shouting on him without even noticing that his friend was looking furiously at me. My father replied me " Son, you are embarrassed because of your father ? Who did all this just for you so that you must not put your hands in that dirty garbage. And you are embarrassed because I care for you and I love.I am sorry, I am sorry to make you feed embarrassed".He asked me to leave and as I was so much in anger I left the place immediately and went to my room and laid down. I was mutteringin anger...He should not have done this, especially in front of my friends... Friends ? Wait a minute..they are not my friends..not yet, i hardly know anybody..they came to my room because the other guy who met me in the hotel (a first friend in Ahmednagar) knows them. If I am feeling so disgraced because of my father did something which I have not even thought, in front of guys to whome I hardly known from last one hour. Then what I did.... I shouted on myfather......that too in front of a guy who was his friend from last 40 years. How much embarrassed he must be feeling because of his thankless son. I was literally cursing my self.

Continue in part-2

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